In a spirit of Community & Collaboration, the following are web and graphic design clients whose work I support…

  • GYST-Ink
    GYST Ink is an artist-run company providing information, technology and solutions created by artists for artists. Our mission is to support artists and arts organizations with an integrated mix of software, services and information in order to keep artists working. GYST is dedicated to empowering and educating artists so they can develop sustainable and successful careers on their own terms.
  • The Guilde
    The Guilde is an original membership community and shared workspace, designed by and for women to turn on our innovation, economic power, leadership and joie de vivre in the world. Beyond physical space, we provide concrete tools, unencumbered time and real, inspired community to bring our great works to life and our lives to greatness.
  • Anne Cartegnie | Physical and Emotional Healing
    I offer individual sessions, group workshops and family support. I have trained in various healing modalities, but my focus in each session is to access the non-verbal, pre-verbal and physical part of the issue. Our bodies have a natural ability to heal. With the proper support, we can overcome more than we imagined possible.
  • Art Muse Los Angeles
    Art Muse Los Angeles is a community of art historians, artists and educators who offer small groups private art tours – in museums, galleries, artist studios and private collections – throughout the LA region. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of art with audiences of all levels of expertise, from the novice to connoisseurs and collectors. Our tours inspire curiosity, encourage close looking and invite dialogue. In an increasingly virtual world, we promise an authentic real-world encounter with works of art.